8-Inch Floral Design Porcelain Dessert Plate - Set of Six

8-Inch Floral Design Porcelain Dessert Plate - Set of Six

8-Inch Floral Design Porcelain Dessert Plate - Set of Six

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  • This breakfast plate features a floral cobalt pattern with a central letter "D" made of hanging plants.
  • The porcelain is refined with bone meal, giving it a noble cream color, and can be washed in the dishwasher and used in the microwave.
  • The series was inspired by Wilhelm Kage's "Liljebla" series from 1917, which combined local tradition with practicality and novelty.
  • The edges of the collection are decorated with cobalt color, reminiscent of rural motifs like wagon wheels with wooden spokes.
  • The visual motifs were created by Ania Dergachev, who has experience designing animal-inspired patterns for brands like Kooples and Robert Graham.
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Introducing a new breakfast plate with an attractive floral pattern in cobalt color. The design includes a central letter "D" made up of hanging plants, and the porcelain is refined with bone meal to give it a noble cream color. This plate is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, making it perfect for everyday use.

The inspiration for the new series came from Wilhelm Kage's 1917 "Liljebla" series, which combined traditional Swedish ceramics with modern practicality. We also incorporated cobalt accents throughout the series, with geometric shapes on the edges reminiscent of rural motifs. The letter "D" on the plates and cups features winding wildflowers arranged uniquely.

Ania Dergachev oversaw the visual motifs on the dishes, drawing on her experience in design to create unique animal-brine motifs in the course series.

Materials: Porcelain
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