The DUKA Story

Our History

The history of the DUKA company began in 1920 when Hjalmar Blomkvist opened his first shop with glass, porcelain and kitchen utensils in the Swedish city of Linköping. Thanks to his commitment and hard work, the company developed, which resulted in further subsidiaries throughout Sweden. In this way, the foundations for what DUKA is today were laid.

When Bomkvist retired after years of operation, he sold his company to new owners who continued its development. Soon it was known throughout Sweden - it was appreciated for its high quality products and excellent customer service.

The turning point in the history of the company was 1962. When the former company of Hjalmar Blomkvist merged with 16 other shops selling glass and porcelain and together they created the DUKA chain. The new company invested primarily in the development of its own design, which brought excellent results, and some of the classic products designed at that time are still sold today. Thanks to the unique design, excellent service and high quality, the DUKA brand has become recognizable throughout Sweden, and its Scandinavian origin is still visible in every aspect of the company's operation to this day.

Kitchen Life

We know that the kitchen is not only a room where we prepare meals, eat or wash up. It is also a space where family life is concentrated. This is where we work, relax, play with children and meet friends. The idea of ​​Kitchen Life confirms the role of the kitchen as the most important room in the house where we strengthen bonds and spend time together. It is also reflected in the products we design. We hope that our offer, based on a modern style of cooking and serving, will be equally inspiring for you!