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    The DUKA TRYCK collection comprises of pressure coffee makers that you can use on various types of stovetops - from gas, electric to induction.

    They allow you to brew coffee using the pressure method, ensuring that the prepared beverage will be strong, aromatic, and, above all, delicious. It's a perfect choice for all enthusiasts of an exceptional "little black coffee.".

    Attention has also been given to the elegant appearance of these items. The coffee makers are designed in different styles and are available in various sizes, making it easy for you to choose the one that suits your taste. They also guarantee high durability for many years of use. Experience it personally and choose the DUKA TRYCK coffee maker!

    4 products
    Six Cup Cream Pressure Moka
    Black 3 Cup Stovetop Moka
    Black Aluminum Three Cup Stovetop Moka
    Cream Aluminum Stovetop Moka
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