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    Introducing the timeless DUKA TIME collection - a blend of elegance and modernity, perfect for those who appreciate subtle minimalism.

    The snow-white tableware from the DUKA TIME collection is entirely crafted from porcelain, one of the most noble materials. In the past, it was often found in royal courts around the world.

    Today, its timeless elegance is still widely admired and cherished by many. The products made from it will perfectly complement your kitchen. The exquisite style of the DUKA TIME collection is unquestionable.

    At the same time, it can prove to be highly versatile. The nobility of porcelain will seamlessly fit into any family celebration, and even the most discerning guest will appreciate its charm. Its impeccable structure will accentuate the flavors and visual appeal of your prepared meals. Regardless of the occasion, DUKA TIME porcelain tableware will always be a great choice.

    10 products
    TIME for Coffee Set
    Sale price $130.00 Regular price $187.00 Save $57
    Porcelain Creamer
    Sale price $21.99 Regular price $25.00 Save $3.01
    Porcelain Sugar Bowl
    Sale price $23.99 Regular price $30.00 Save $6.01
    40-OZ White Modern Porcelain Teapot
    Sale price $43.99 Regular price $55.00 Save $11.01
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    2-OZ White Porcelain Espresso Cup and Saucer Set
    from $22.00
    Sold Out
    15-Oz White Porcelain Bowl & Saucer Set
    from $26.00
    6-Inch White Porcelain Dessert Plate - Set of Six
    12-Oz White Porcelain Cup and Saucer
    from $24.00
    9-Inch White Porcelain Plate - Set of Six
    5-OZ White Porcelain Cup & Saucer Set
    from $24.00
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