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    Choose unique tableware from the DUKA PARADISE collection. Discover products that will transform your kitchen into a charming garden. The series includes mugs, a jug with a cup, plates, bowls, a butter dish, kitchen towels, and table runners with folkloric patterns.

    The DUKA PARADISE collection stands out for its unconventional design. One cannot pass by the birds and plants in vibrant colors indifferently. These original decorations draw inspiration from Scandinavian folk art. Such tableware instantly brings a joyful and cheerful atmosphere among the household members. It's impossible not to smile while sipping coffee from a mug or cup adorned in this way. And a smile is a small detail that creates a paradise.

    Although the color palette of the collection is not classical, the overall presentation is very tasteful. In practice, it is perfect for any occasion. The smooth, shiny surface of the products and subtle finishes will gracefully adorn formal gatherings. Meanwhile, the unconventional decorations perfectly suit casual meetings with friends or even a picnic. The collection's versatility is another significant advantage. Instead of worrying about which set of tableware to choose for a specific occasion, we can maintain a truly idyllic tranquility.

    The entire collection is made of highly durable ceramic. The hand-painted patterns on it can easily withstand a visit to the microwave or dishwasher. Therefore, the tableware is exceptionally long-lasting, allowing it to enrich our kitchen or dining room for many years.

    16 products
    12-Inch Folk Art Inspired Tart Pan
    Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Teapot and Cup
    6-Inch Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Dessert Plate
    from $24.00 Regular price $96.00 Save $72
    51-OZ Ceramic Folk Art Inspired Teapot
    30-OZ Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Mug
    from $24.00
    Folk Art Inspired Teapot and Two Cups Set
    Sale price $75.00 Regular price $102.00 Save $27
    Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Butter Dish
    Sale price $47.99 Regular price $52.00 Save $4.01
    Folk Art Inspired Serving Bowls with Tray
    13.5-OZ Folk Art Inspired Red Ceramic Mug
    from $24.00
    13-Inch Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Bowl
    from $56.00
    9-Inch Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Bowl - Set of Four
    16-OZ Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Bowl - Set of Four
    13.5-OZ Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Mug
    from $24.00
    9-Inch Folk Art inspired Red Ceramic Salad Plate - Set of Four
    11-Inch Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Dinner Plate - Set of Four
    10-OZ Folk Art Inspired Ceramic Cup and Saucer
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