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    The DUKA LUCKA jugs combine practical utility with a unique appearance, making them a wonderful choice for any kitchen. Made from perfectly transparent glass, they immediately catch the eye with their modern shape, where the classic handle has been replaced by a through-hole design.

    As a result, DUKA LUCKA jugs will present beautifully on your table, attracting the attention of both household members and invited guests. They are perfect for serving water, lemonade, or chilled juice on the table, and thanks to the precisely profiled neck, you won't spill a drop while pouring.

    Moreover, after use, you can easily place them in the dishwasher. Opt for stylish and functional accessories in your kitchen and choose DUKA LUCKA products!

    1 product
    Glass Decanter Pitcher with 1.5L Carafe for Serving Drinks
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