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    Discover the blend of modern functionality with classic elegance. The DUKA LISE collection is an excellent choice for both coffee and tea enthusiasts. It offers tasteful 1.5 oz capacity glasses, perfect for quick espressos, as well as a set of 13 oz cups for those who prefer slightly larger drinks. The collection also includes stylish mugs with double walls and comfortable handles.

    With a wide range of articles available, you can easily find items that meet your needs. The use of double glass brings several benefits. It maintains the temperature of your favorite beverage, allowing you to savor it for longer. The external walls of the glasses, mugs, and cups remain cool, regardless of the drink's temperature, preventing unpleasant burns. Additionally, all items feature an innovative, streamlined shape that fits perfectly in your hand.

    The products are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe, making them ideal for any modern kitchen. The classic glass in modern forms provides a unique setting for any beverage, while the ergonomic shapes of the vessels ensure exceptional comfort. Enjoy the perfect combination of style and functionality with the DUKA LISE collection.

    4 products
    Pair of Two Espresso Glasses & Saucers
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    16-Oz Glass Double Walled Mug
    from $30.00
    Set of Two 4.5 OZ Espresso Glasses
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    Set of Two 10-OZ Latte Glasses
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