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    The designer KROG collection draws inspiration from the southern region of Sweden, Falsterbo. Its beautiful nature, delicious food, wonderful people, and breathtaking sunsets over the sea.

    The dishes, full of minimalist elegance and vibrant colors, bring a unique Scandinavian flair to every table. The tableware from this collection combines practical utility with elegant and unconventional design, making it an excellent choice for any kitchen.

    The DUKA KROG tableware elements are made from high-quality porcelain, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe. The collection also features exceptional handcrafted glasses. DUKA KROG is a great proposal for enthusiasts of unconventional design.

    11 products
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    12-Inch White Serving Plate with Decorative Blue Dot - Set of Six
    Asymmetrical 68-OZ Serving Bowl with Blue Accents
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    12-Inch White Dinner Plate with Decorative Blue Dot - Set of Six
    13-OZ Porcelain Mug White with Blue Rim
    from $22.00
    37-OZ Asymmetrical Porcelain Serving Bowl - Set of Four
    22-OZ White Porcelain Bowl with Blue Accent - Set of Six
    14-OZ Transparent Drinking Glass with Blue Accent - Set of Six
    12-OZ Stemmed Wine Glass - Set of Six
    9-inch Asymmetrical Bowl - Set of Six
    8-inch Asymmetrical Breakfast Plate - Set of Six
    11-Inch Asymmetrical Dinner Plate - Set of Six
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