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    The FELICA series is an extensive collection of refined porcelain. Its minimalist design fits perfectly both at elegant gatherings and in everyday use in the dining room.

    The tableware from the FELICA collection is made from beautiful white porcelain. Its classic design exudes subtle elegance and timeless beauty.

    The shapes of the dishes are reminiscent of traditional patterns, but they are kept in a modern, minimalist style without any additional embellishments.

    The FELICA collection looks beautiful and elegant even without any extras, and its minimalist design offers great versatility to suit any style. By choosing the right accessories, you can easily create more extravagant arrangements. The products from this collection are dishwasher-safe.

    13 products
    11-Inch Floral Salad Plate - Set of Six
    8-Inch Floral Porcelain Plate - Set of Six
    White Porcelain Sugar Bowl
    Porcelain Butter Dish with Floral Design
    Floral Design Egg Cup
    9-Inch Porcelain Bowl - Set of Six
    11-Inch Porcelain Floral Dinner Plate - Set of Six
    11-Inch Porcelain Plate - Set of Four
    40-OZ Floral Porcelain Teapot
    6-Inch Floral Porcelain Bowl - Set of Six
    8-Inch Floral Design Porcelain Dessert Plate - Set of Six
    21-OZ Swedish Inspired Porcelain Bowl - Set of Four
    9.5-Oz Floral Designed Porcelain Mug - Set of Six
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